AlignMed Technology

October 09, 2018

 The world of wearable technology is growing at a rapid rate, and amidst the development, it's more important than ever to educate yourself about the technology within the the products being considered. Alignmed’s patented Neuroband™ and Touch Tension™ technologies help the user stand tall, re-educate their muscles, and feel better. There’s no smoke and mirrors, just a team of people who genuinely want to see people get better. 

The Technologies

  • Neurobands are the activating fibers attached to or sewn into the Alignmed systems in order to activate designated muscles. Neurobands are designed to work with the body to promote proper form.
  • Touch Tension Technology is how Neurobands work. Our products use a combination of fabrics with variable stretch to target tension across specified muscle groups, resulting in muscle activation and re-education.
  • Gel-Channeling is the fluid technology used within out Gel-Lign insoles. The insoles were designed with the intent of transporting fluid from the front to the back, with specified interruptions in the flow of the fluid creating the channels.

How it Works

Touch Tension, the power behind Neuroband technology, is what causes a muscular reaction in our products. Touch Tension works similar to the way that it sounds; we apply tension to the muscles by touching and manipulating the body. The combination of the tension created across the muscles as well as the muscular reaction from the tension, drive the therapy. All you have to do is throw it on and enjoy the pain relief 

Power Up

Some of the most popular uses for Alignmed’s products are for shoulder pain, back and neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, and ankle pain. Our products can assist with balance, strength, and re-education of muscles. Utilize our Neuroband and Tough Tension technology to influence your core and upper extremities, while you use Gel Channeling to influence your lower extremities.

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