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About Us

About Us


We are passionate about posture! Hundreds of clinical studies have shown the relevance of good posture in maintaining good health and beauty is as important as diet and exercise. Posture is balance. Without balance, our body does not function properly. Improve your posture, improve your health.


·  NeuroBands™ - Panels of variable size and variable elasticity placed onto anatomy to mirror the contractive properties of muscle.

·  Touch-Tension™ - An effect of the position, movement and resistance of NeuroBands™ to create a controlled resistance and external leverage that is key to AlignMed function.

·  Customizable Base Layers – Allows NeuroBands ™ to be tensioned and/or mounted to address a wide variety of pathologies.

·   Muscle-Mapping – How we identify the kinetic movement of the body and apply the controlled resistance of NeuroBands ™ to enforce it. 



Clothing that serves a function, takes a team of designers, engineers and scientists to develop. It is a fascinating area of development and AlignMed is the innovative pioneer.

Our Products:

·  Constructed to dynamically support the body and improve mobility

·  Enhance the senses of proprioception and balance, providing important biofeedback for postural awareness

·  Activate muscle firing for good body alignment throughout life


Founded in 2004, we are passionate and dedicated to engineer clothing that serves a function and improves quality of life for people of all ages and gender.

We have devoted much time working in partnership with medical academia, a world renowned advisory panel and feedback from thousands of individuals to build and test apparel that can validate a measurable response throughout the entire body. As a result of the efforts and insights of many, AlignMed's knowledge of fabric position, movement and resistance is unsurpassed. We use this knowledge to construct functional apparel that works with your body to relieve pain, increase performance, endurance and recovery. Not to mention, the increase in confidence and poise that good posture brings.


LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER.  AlignMed’s patented technology is the first to work in harmony with your body.