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Biofeedback to improve postural habits 

Muscle Retraining 

Muscle Activation 

Who Can Benefit From AlignMed® Functional Apparel?

Anyone who wishes to correct, maintain and preserve good posture for increased mobility, reduced pain and increased poise and confidence. We are only beginning to understand the true reach of Alignmed® NeuroBand™ technology, however, we have found it to be a successful tool in: occupational ergonomics, sports medicine and neurological, musculoskeletal dysfunction of the core and upper extremity and many other conditions (see ‘your condition’). (HYPERLINK TO CONDITION)

NeuroBands are not designed to do “all the work” nor do we pretend for them to be a cure all for the complexities of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.  Think of it a conservative medicine - The idea is for you to help “teach” your muscles and joints to support themselves.  Through the touch and tension of controlled resistance, NeuroBands help put you in position for success.  This concept of healing, injury recovery and injury prevention is related to small successes over time.  These small successes snowball into good posture and improved function that you can hold for longer periods of time. Alignmed’s functional apparel is truly a re-training tool to encourage help fight the progression of pain and loss of mobility that may be occurring within your body.

When And How Often Should I Wear My AlignMed® Functional Apparel?

The garments are intended to be used at any time of day, in fact we encourage it; even during sleep!  Wear Alignmed® apparel whenever you want to improve posture, body alignment and reduce pain; or, at the advice of a professional medical caregiver. As a general recommendation, we suggest 1-2 hours the first day then increase wearing time as you feel comfortable. 
Over time, the garments can help the user when worn intermittently as the controlled resistance eventually can retrain muscles and poor postural habits.

How Do NeuroBands™ Work For My Body?

NeuroBands™ use controlled resistance to train the body to do the things it should be doing correctly and to maintain good posture. NeuroBands™ help people return to form effortlessly and comfortably by providing three separate but equal functions: 

  1. Muscle Activation 
  2. Muscle Retraining          
  3. Biofeedback to improve postural habits

The net effect of the three functions is to reduce pain, increase mobility, correct and maintain good posture.

The sense of “Proprioception” is key.  Proprioception is how the body knows where its parts are in time and space without us having to think about it. For example; the reason we can walk or run without looking at our feet, or throw a ball without looking at our hands, is because our sense of proprioception has been trained to let us know where the arms and legs are.  The controlled touch and tension of NeuroBands™ let the wearer become more aware of where that body segment is (bodily awareness) and they can customize the amount of awareness they need by adjusting the tension or moving the location of the NeuroBand™.  NeuroBands™ can help improve or maintain body alignment with sensory feedback or because it cues the wearer’s muscles and joints to the need to increase their activity to achieve the goal (function, posture or both).



What Is Functional Apparel And How Does Alignmed Fit It?

Functional apparel is an evolutionary segment of the health and fitness market where clothing crosses conventional boundaries and integrates with medicine and technology, to meet specific performance requirements of the user. Alignmed is the world leader in this new business sector with garments that have built in or customizable elastic panels and bands trademarked as NeuroBands™.     NeuroBands™ are a patented new concept developed by medical experts to use controlled resistance as a continuum of care for physical therapy, pain relief and even avoidance of surgery. AlignMed® products have been tested in clinical trials and proven effect for an array of different conditions.